Welcome to The Bath Project’s ‘Bath in a Box’

A relaxing, revitalising and soothing world where science and creativity meet; where all natural remedies blend to create an experience aimed at nurturing the individual, both inside and out. 

Bathing has existed in many forms, and in many cultures, for millennia. Baths have been taken for washing and hygiene purposes. They have been used for rituals; in times of celebration and in times of mourning. They have been used to cleanse the body and calm the soul. 

The Bath Project’s vision is to draw upon these ancient wisdoms and combine them with modern knowledge, thus providing our customers with a healing, restorative escape that they can access in their own homes, or take with them when they are travelling. 

At The Bath Project, we understand that bathing is a personal ritual, and that every bath should be, as well. Not only is everyone unique, but everyone’s needs change, uniquely – and, just as nutritional needs must be adapted to suit these needs, so too should methods of self-care and healing. 

With a fully qualified doctor at its helm, The Bath Project has been created to make bathing, in its most healing sense, available to all. It has been designed to heighten awareness of the fact that self-care is not an indulgent luxury, but a necessary one. It has been developed to bring a primal and sensual experience into our everyday lives in a way that inspires, rejuvenates and replenishes. 

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The Bath Project
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