BASE Introduces Bath Prescriptions

BASEThe Healing Power of Water: An Introduction To Bath Prescriptions

Dr Kubicka’s expert knowledge on the subject of bathing has been featured in BASE (Beauty And Style Edit). 

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains:

“Baths have played a significant role in many cultures with purification, healing, beautifying and spiritual cleansing all being key areas of concern.”

The feature explores the idea of bathing prescriptions – recipes and formulations that Dr Kubicka creates in order to help address skin needs from exfoliation and detoxification to hydration and nutrition. She continues:

“I looked to many cultures, traditions and alternative medicine to find the best combination of effective medical ingredients with a holistic approach of aromatherapy and herbalism.”

What is a bathing prescription and why did you start formulating them?

“Bathing prescriptions came as a result of my experiments.

“I always wanted to create bath products that would address all needs of a person from their skin – exfoliation, hydration and nourishment to general emotional and psychological impact on their life.”

How long does it take for you to formulate a prescription?

“Formulating prescriptions in the beginning used to take me a long time, now with a combination of practice and knowledge it’s a matter of hours, ideas comes quickly but then I like to test it first and tweak before recommending it.”

What factors do you take into consideration when formulating a prescription?

“First is the main concern, if it’s more for psychological reasons I concentrate on herbs, aromatherapy oils and Bach remedies.

“If the main concern is more physical like skin quality or general symptoms then I would start with herbal infusion and follow it with specific organic acids or oils.

“Obviously, I need to know a person’s preferences in terms of senses and skin type to make it holistically appropriate. I try to combine as many elements as possible.”

Can clients buy ready-made mixtures of ingredients?

“At the moment they can follow one of the more generic prescriptions that are in my book, covering the most popular complaints like anxiety, tension, dry or acne prone skin. I encourage my readers to experiment themselves by breaking down the possible elements like herbs, oils clays etc. Most of the information are in tables so it’s fairly easy to follow.

“Finally, we are working on ready-made mixtures that will be available to purchase hopefully early next year. We will start with 4 basic formulations: relaxing, detox, energising and indulgence.”

Read more in BASE https://beautyandstyleedit.com/bath-prescriptions-the-science-of-bathing/

The Bath Project

For more information on the culture and tradition of bathing – plus recipes to recreate at home – Dr Kubicka’s book The Bath Project is an authority on the subject and a comprehensive guide to the art and science of bathing.

To purchase the book – https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/.


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