Bathroom Scenes you’d rather forget..

Soothing self-care or scenes of horror? The optimum bathing experience.Soothing self-care or scene of horror? In polls exploring the most memorable bathroom scenes of all time, Psycho’s ‘murder in the shower’ and The Shining’s ‘kiss with a rotting corpse’ are frequently listed. So much for indulgence.

But when you consider that many people make the mistake of soaking for far too long in overheated water, only to emerge looking like a wrinkled prune – or indeed, a corpse – is it any wonder that bathrooms are associated with such frightfulness?!

That’s why we at The Bath Project are dedicated, not only to creating beautiful bathing products that are as sensually pleasing as they scientifically beneficial, but also to educating our clientele on how to create an optimum bathing experience. Providing guidance on everything from the ideal temperature to the perfect blend of ingredients, our aim is to help our bathing community achieve the results they desire, whether that’s better sleep, more energy, or a smoother, brighter complexion.

Interestingly, both of the hair-raising cinematic scenes mentioned above take place in hotels, which is hardly in keeping with the general perception that time away from home is restorative! Luckily, one of the key precepts of The Bath Project is that bathing, and its benefits, can and should be accessible to all, regardless of anyone’s ability to book into a fancy hotel or indulge in a spa day: the ancient wisdom and contemporary science combined within The Bath Project can be enjoyed from one’s own tub: not a corpse in sight.

We jest, of course: who doesn’t love a spa retreat or luxury hotel stay? The point is, that the rejuvenating nature of such indulgences doesn’t need to be only an occasional treat, but one that you can escape to on a regular basis, without even leaving the house. And if you’re choosing to cosy up on the sofa and watch a film afterwards? We suggest trying a film with a happier bathroom scene, such as The Seven Year Itch!


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