The Bath Project's salt jar - an ingredient in one of the 'bath in a box'


We are embarking on a mission to enable everyone to experience the medicinal benefits of bathing.

Our purpose is to create a new world of bathers, promoting deep and meaningful self-care through the ritual of bathing.

We believe that taking time for oneself is essential for optimal health and wellbeing, and that the experience of bathing can be a powerful tool for achieving this.

We strive to create products and services that enhance the bathing experience and make it accessible to everyone.

We are committed to sharing knowledge and educating people on the therapeutic benefits of bathing, as well as providing support and guidance on how to create a safe and relaxing bathing experience.

We commit to the principle of using only the highest quality, nontoxic, natural ingredients and materials in our products, and we are committed to sustainability and to protecting the environment.

We believe that everyone should have access to the medicinal benefits of bathing, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

Our values


Our balance between art and science. The foundations to all we do. Art is culture, the feeling, the soul and science is knowledge, the facts, and what is medicinal.


Our care comes first and foremost for each and every individual.


We use imagination and original ideas to create.

Our beliefs

That bathing holds the key to rebalance

That bathing should be enjoyed by all

That all people are uniquely individual with different needs

That bathing can be a creative journey

That a medicinal journey can also be an inspiring one

Our Product


A product that is creating a new category of bathing, that’s a perfect balance of natural remedy with pharmaceutical properties

A ‘bath in a box’ that you can mix yourself, with added healing ingredients for specific ailments.

Our functional benefit

Healing power in the comfort of your own tub

Unwind from a stressful day

Soothe and relieve your anxiety

Treat and protect your skin

Our emotional benefit

Care for yourself through the ritual of bathing

The knowingness of how important bathing is

That I can reconnect with myself through the ritual of bathing

That I can dedicate a window of time for me

That I understand that self-care goes far beyond what many see it to be

That I engage with a process that’s personal to me


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