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The Bath Project was born from a passion for self-care, combined with a fascination with the cultural and historical significance of bathing.

As a medical doctor, whose areas of specialty are within aesthetics and wellbeing, Dr Barbara Kubicka has developed an intimate understanding of the needs of those who seek wellness and its associated rituals.

Self-care has had many incarnations over the years and, in the same way that ideals of ‘beauty’ have changed, so too have recommended processes and products.

In recent times, as science and its role in aesthetics and wellness have developed, there has been growing awareness of treatments and procedures available – treatments and procedures capable of boosting immunity; easing physical discomfort; reversing sun damage and slowing down the ageing process.

As valuable and effective as these advancements are, it is our belief that there is a genuine need for treatments and remedies that people can access on a regular basis.  


Bathing, and its associated rituals, have a time-honoured role to play in daily rejuvenation, healing, rebalancing and relaxing. In making the process of bathing more meaningful than the act of washing, and in giving it the significance of its historical and cultural roots, we believe that the simple act of ‘taking a bath’ can promote many of the effects that people turn to medicine and science to achieve. 

This is not to say that science does not, or should not, play a role in bathing – indeed, water (or H2O, as it is known scientifically) is a primary element, which, when combined with other essences, scents and therapeutics, can have an even more powerful effect on the mind, body and soul. 

Our mission at The Bath Project is to harness and distil this knowledge, and to deliver it to you by way of bathceuticals – beautiful, nurturing, natural products – as well as to walk with you towards an awareness of how bathing can promote your health and sense of wellbeing.


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