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The Bath Project Book BathologyWith female and male mental health on the rise, Self-Care is becoming a very important factor in our daily lives.

We are busier than ever, living in a world that’s so fast paced, it requires us to look after ourselves well and that involves more than just treating ourselves to the odd glass of wine and a natter with your girlfriends.

Self-Care is a daily activity that we can choose to practice in order to look after our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Whether it be exercise, getting regular massages or going to therapy, we are all doing our bit to invest in our own self care.

An activity that many people use to practise their self care is bathing. To invest in your relaxation fully, we recommend starting a bath ritual. Bath rituals are more than just lighting the odd candle and taking a bath once a month, baths are evolving. Evolving into using ingredients that tap into our mental and physical wellbeing and help us on the road to self-care.

The Bath Project has developed the art and science of bathing which can help you with recipes to make your own baths to assist you with Stress, Motivation, Water retention and Menstrual pain. We take you on a journey through different cultures, history, biology, chemistry, physics and geography to rediscover and appreciate one of the first physical experiences all of us were exposed to… bathing.

To read more about the incredible science behind bathing, please see https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/


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