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In aid of World Sleep Day, the KCR team have recommended products they swear by to help get a good night’s sleep, as many people struggle to get enough rest due to the stresses of daily life.

The article is entitled:

“Best products to help you sleep”

The article suggests a broad range of 8 products to try, including The Bath Project’s SLEEP bath in a box, specifically formulated to help those who struggle to sleep after a busy or stressful day. Priced at £70.

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To read more please visit: https://www.kensingtonandchelseareview.com/post/best-products-to-help-you-sleep

What is World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Society is calling for global action to promote sleep health awareness on World Sleep Day (March 17, 2023). Sleep experts and health advocates in over 70 countries will be organising activities at local, regional and national levels.

What can a lack of sleep cause?

A lack of sleep can cause a variety of physical and mental health problems, such as fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, weakened immune system, increased risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and even depression.

Can I sleep too much?

Yes, it is possible to sleep too much. Oversleeping can lead to a range of physical and mental health problems, including fatigue, low energy levels, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. It is important to maintain a regular sleep schedule and get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains why bathing before bedtime is worth while for those who struggle to sleep. She says:

“Having a bath before sleep can help to relax the muscles, lower blood pressure and reduce body temperature, allowing the brain to recognise the natural process of falling asleep quicker.”

Why our product?

Our Sleep formulation is composed of quality components that are meant to balance the nervous system, relax the muscles, reduce stress, and soothe the mind. Its purple colour was carefully selected as it is believed to create a tranquil and meditative atmosphere. Magnesium flakes are included to reduce blood pressure and relax the muscles in preparation for sleep. Camomile tea and a Melissa and Lavender aromatherapy blend have a calming effect, while Apricot oil is thought to hydrate and calm the skin, reducing any irritation caused by stress.

For further reading: https://www.thebathproject.com/sleepless-nights-and-bathing/


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