Product Review: what the REDHEAD said

bathologyWe asked Donna – a Mum, Blogger, Traveller, and lover of rainbows and Gin – to review our SLEEP bathing product, specifically designed to nourish skin and promote relaxation. Donna was kind enough to provide us with a thorough review of the product – which you can read in full here.

We are delighted to have her feedback and are confident that SLEEP will provide the perfect bathing experience.

What the REDHEAD said:

I was sent the Sleep ritual to try and I couldn’t wait for my first bath. The bathing kit arrives in cardboard packaging which fits the brand perfectly. Everything is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, with all packaging being reusable or recyclable. Even the little spoon included is wooden!

It was an important consideration and yet an easy decision to use fully recyclable materials for our bathing products. We believe that the process of bathing should be a natural, nurturing experience that is beneficial for both the skin and the environment. Therefore, the complete package was designed to reflect this message of sustainability.

Donna goes on to say:

 It’s the perfect way to end the day, especially if you’ve done a lot of exercise, are feeling bodily or mentally tired or are stressed.

What’s included within the SLEEP bath in a box

Our SLEEP formulation combines quality ingredients aimed at balancing the nervous system, relaxing the muscles, reducing tension and calming the mind.

Its purple hue has been specifically chosen because it is thought that the colour has the ability to evoke a tranquil and meditative state, while ingredients such as magnesium flakes are designed to lower blood pressure and ease muscles, in readiness for rest.

Camomile tea, and an aromatherapy blend of Melissa and Lavender, have a calming effect, while Apricot oil is believed to hydrate and soothe the skin, reducing irritation that may be heightened by stress.

To further enhance the calming effects of this formulation, we recommend a warm bath with the Sleep formulation added to the water, allowing your skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients while bathing.

The Process

Our luxurious bath in a box remedies have been a long time in the making. Dr Barbara Kubicka, the founder of The Bath Project, and her sidekick Jo Woolf spent months carefully combining and testing the ingredients and their various combinations, to create formulas that would be suitable for different needs.

These needs range from relaxation to addressing specific skin and muscle issues. Bathing with these remedies can provide an indulgent experience that can help to soothe and relax the mind, body, and soul.

Sharing her first experience with The Bath Project, Donna says:

As soon as you open the box you know that this is no typical bubble bath – it’s like the best kind of science project, and I was so excited to get started!

And how did the product make Donna feel:

The Sleep ritual definitely left me feeling calm and relaxed ready for sleep.

With our lives being increasingly busy, the effects of inadequate sleep can be far-reaching. Poor sleep can lead to decreased energy levels, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, impaired decision-making, and more.

To ensure a good night’s rest, consider running yourself a warm bath an hour or two before bedtime.

SLEEP is a specially formulated bath blend designed to promote relaxation and help you drift off to sleep. Featuring natural ingredients such as lavender and camomile, this blend will leave your skin feeling soft and your mind at peace.

For the full review:

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