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1 box, 5 baths


Your Path to Restful Sleep

Welcome to a sanctuary of peace with our SLEEP Formulation, meticulously designed to harmonise your journey to dreamland. This carefully selected blend is the essence of our commitment to holistic wellness, combining premium, natural ingredients to foster a deep, restorative sleep.

  • SLEEP Formulation by The Bath Project: A meticulously crafted blend designed to enhance your journey to deep, restful sleep.
  • Core Benefits: Nurtures a balanced nervous system, eases muscle tension, reduces stress, and fosters a serene mental state.
  • Colour and Ingredients:
    • Elegant Purple Hue: Represents tranquillity and mindfulness, aiding mental transition to rest.
    • Magnesium Flakes: Offer therapeutic benefits like blood pressure regulation and muscle relaxation.
    • Camomile Tea: Known for its gentle calming effects, enhancing the blend’s soothing properties.
    • Melissa and Lavender Essential Oils: Soothe the senses and promote a deep sense of well-being.
    • Apricot Oil: Moisturises and soothes the skin, reducing stress-related irritations.
  • Experience: Each box contains ingredients for five baths, designed to transform each night into a restorative experience.
  • Overall Impact: Prepares you for a night of deep slumber and ensures a morning of revitalisation and clarity.

Central to our formulation is the goal of nurturing a balanced nervous system, creating calm for both body and mind. Through a synergy of natural ingredients, it gently unwinds muscle tension, eases stress, and cultivates a serene mental state, preparing you for a night of deep slumber.

The elegant purple hue of our blend isn’t just for show; it’s steeped in a tradition of tranquillity and mindfulness, aiding in the mental transition to a meditative and restful state.

At the heart of our blend, Magnesium flakes offer therapeutic benefits, helping regulate blood pressure and ease muscle contractions, setting the stage for a night of rejuvenation. Camomile tea enhances this blend, celebrated for its gentle calming effects.

Our aromatic concoction of Melissa and Lavender essential oil are the essence of relaxation, soothing the senses while nurturing a deep sense of well-being.

Complementing this is the luxurious touch of Apricot oil, which not only moisturises but soothes the skin, reducing stress-related irritations, leaving your skin as refreshed as your spirit.

Our SLEEP Formulation is not merely a product but a voyage, transforming each night into an opportunity for restful recovery. Let each bath be an invitation to unwind, promising a morning with energy and clarity.

Contained within each box are enough ingredients for five transformative baths, inviting you to consistently reclaim the night and rise to a revitalised day.

Each box contains ingredients enough for 5 baths.

Key Ingredients:

  • Beetroot Powder
  • Blue Spirulina
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Magnesium Flakes
  • A blend of Lavender and Melissa Essential Oils
  • Camomile Infusion Bags

Instructions for use here.

4 reviews for Sleep

  1. Tyler

    I have finally found the perfect bath ritual! Being freelance, I struggle to switch off. The Sleep Bath allows me to take a moment to be mindful and appreciate β€˜me’ time. Not only that, it leaves me feeling calm and soft. Highly recommend!

    • Jo Woolf (store manager)

      Thank you Tyler for your kind review. We are so pleased that you have enjoyed your SLEEP bathing ritual.

  2. at

    perfect to take between two busy important days, when you must wake up rested and full of energy but the events of the day still zooming in your head restlessly. The bath just switch it off. Love the colour as well!

    • Jo Woolf (store manager)

      Thank you AT for your kind review. Great to hear you found the time and incentive to switch off by using The Bath Project!

  3. Gosia

    After having a baby everything that improves the quality of sleep matters. This set is perfect to relax and wind down after an intense day. I love the fact that ingredients selection is focused around calming affect even on the muscle level considering the magnesium flakes in the composition.

    • Jo Woolf (store manager)

      Thank you Gosia for your very kind review. We are very pleased to hear about the positive impact our SLEEP product had for you. Don’t forget that we offer the perfect sleep remedy for your toddler too – LITTLE ONE (age 3 upwards)

  4. Anonymous (store manager)

    Fabulous products and beautifully presented – an ideal gift (for me!!). Will definitely order again.

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