Spending Time, Wasting Time

spending-timeAs many of us experience busy diaries with work, juggling a social life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the idea of self-care can often be left behind and it’s only natural that our daily routines can become somewhat ‘robotic’. Subsequently, we can often find that the majority of what we consider to be normal daily tasks can be rushed; dinner, outfit choices, bath-time.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of that late-night trip to the supermarket, grabbing the closest meal for one off the shelf on our way home from the office. Do you find your evenings are often filled with rushing dinner, a bit of TV and social scrolling before bed-time, ready to repeat the following day?

As we hit an important period of time where mental health is becoming a less taboo subject, sustainable shopping is becoming a hot topic as well as society being encouraged to become more conscious consumers, maybe it’s time to encourage ourselves to think outside the box more? This more so than ever can have a hugely positive impact on our daily routines and the way we take care of ourselves.

Whilst we’re busy spending time wasting time, or grabbing the easiest option and quickest remedy, let’s make a promise to ourselves to spend our time researching what our mind, body and soul can really benefit from. Bath-time is a really simple but effective way to promote self-care and The Bath Project takes you a step closer to ultimate relaxation in your own home, essentially doing the work for you.

The Bath Project inspires us to immerse ourselves in complete self-care, with practical tutorials in preparing our own bath practices, readers are taken on an enlightening journey into the physical and mental benefits of bathing, alongside Dr Kubicka’s own bath recipes and information on the history of bathing in different cultures. It couldn’t be an easier way to unwind, whilst maintaining a healthy well-being, promoting self-awareness and making time for the things that really matter.

To purchase the book – https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/.


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