Through The Bath Project, we want to encourage our community to care for themselves – both mentally and physically – through the act of bathing. Yet, as Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh wrote in his 2013 book ‘Love Letter to the Earth’, in order to care for ourselves, we must first care for our world.

“The earth is you. You are the earth. When you realize there is no separation, you fall completely in love with this beautiful planet.”

This is part of the reason why a passion for the planet is woven into our ethos. Just as the simple act of bathing can make a difference to your own health and wellbeing, small gestures can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the earth – and the two are intertwined.

We are just as ambitious about the positive effect that bathing can have upon the planet as it can have upon our clientele. We are starting with small but significant steps, and we believe that, over time, we will not only neutralise our carbon impact, but also tilt the balance in a direction where we give more than we take.

For now, any paper or card we use is sourced from sustainable forests and our products are packaged in glass rather than plastic – around which we aim to encourage creative and conventional recycling. Additionally, the ingredients from which The Bath Project products are made are 100% natural. This doesn’t apply only to the oils, pigments and salts contained within our formulations, but also to the materials from which our additional products, such as whisks and cloths, are crafted.


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