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stylist-magazine logoBathing rituals from around the world

Stylist Magazine was so inspired by Dr Kubicka’s book ‘The Bath Project’ that they dedicated a whole article to the subject of baths and bathing. 

As Dr Barbara Kubicka explains:

“Bathing [in British society] is seen as a treat as opposed to a necessary component of self-service and care… If we look at countries such as Japan and those within the Middle East, bathing is a social ritual.”

So baths are about far more than a quick soak to get clean. There are vastly more benefits. Dr Kubicka told Stylist Magazine:

“Baths are not only cleansing but also relax our muscles, detox our body and calm our mind.

“There are many aspects of modern life that impact our health, [including] physical burnout and injuries, and stress due to political or social pressures.

“While a bath might not be able to solve Brexit, it can help remedy some of life’s trials.”

Recreate bathing rituals at home

The feature in Stylist suggested 6 ways to recreate rituals from around the world at home

  1. Icelandic geothermal pools
    To following the Icelandic mineral rich water, try a Dead Sea Mud before soaking off in the bath for exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effects
  2. Russian Banya
    To incorporating the Banya brushing and steam to open up pores, bring in fresh eucalyptus and brush your body to boost circulation
  3. Bali flower bath
    Luxury bath salts with dried petals and essential oils are a great way to mimic the Balinese flower bath
  4. Japanese Onsen
    A social bath isn’t for everyone in the UK, but adding Onsen bath salts can bring healing properties to your bath
  5. Indian Ayurvedic bath
    Massaging oil before bathing then adding ayurvedic oils gives an at-home version of Ayurvedic bathing
  6. French thalassotherapy
    Salty seawater has trace elements to soften the skin and ease muscles. Seaweed bath preparations can give a similar experience at home

Read more in Stylist: https://www.stylist.co.uk/beauty/beauty-bathing-cultural-traditions-rituals-women-around-the-world/326687

The Bath Project

For more information on the culture and tradition of bathing – plus recipes to recreate at home – Dr Kubicka’s book The Bath Project is an authority on the subject and a comprehensive guide to the art and science of bathing.

To purchase the book – https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/.


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