The ‘C’ Word

ChristmasIt can feel as though Christmas has arrived in the blink of an eye and whilst it is a truly magical and special time of year for most, with that comes the annual festive panic and yearly stressful scenarios.

You may be feeling overwhelmed with the jam-packed social calendar, catering for large numbers or keeping the mother-in-law happy with festivities. (We have all been there!) For some, this time of year can be daunting for other reasons, it could be a lonely time and not one to celebrate.

Whatever way you view the festive period, we believe it’s a really important time of the year to ensure your well-being is being looked after and you’re keeping your mind and body relaxed with some self-care.

With the winter months come the darker and colder evenings which affects not just physical aspects of us such as our skin and hair, it can also have a negative effect on our mental health, with seasonal affective disorder affecting people more so in winter months.

Whatever your circumstances, we believe we can all take simple steps to ensure we keep self-care our number one priority and bath-time is one of those steps that encourages relaxation, reflection and healing.

The Bath Project contains useful information, helpful advice and recipes using natural ingredients to ensure you enjoy the festive period, taking the stress away of Christmas, or simply making you feel a bit better about this time of year.

To purchase the book – https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/.


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