Vogue Features Dr Kubicka Bath Expert

vogue logoBath expert and author of ‘The Bath Project’ book Dr Barbara Kubicka assisted Vogue with its piece dedicated to bath time.

The article was entitled:

10 Ways To Make Your Bubble Bath As Indulgent As Possible

The introduction leads with look at the important ‘me time’ aspect of bathing:

“Is there anything better than a bath? Don’t answer that, of course there isn’t. A bath can offer 30 much-needed minutes of me time, after a day spent pounding pavements, feeding children, slogging through an inbox, or just generally partaking in life.”

However, as the article clarifies, there is more to it than a quick dunk in bubble bath. Writer Hannah Coates says:

“But there is an art to bathing, and it’s one many of us overlook in our rush to simply get the temperature right (it should be 40 degrees to encourage a restful night’s sleep, if you’re asking) and fling in some bubbles.”

Dr Barbara Kubicka told Vogue:

“Not adding something to your bath to suit or change the way you feel before running one is a waste, as that really is the beauty of a bath.

“The right combination of oils, scents and colour, warm water and salts plays with the senses and allows the mind to engage with something different – a welcome distraction if you will.”

Dr Kubicka told Vogue that choice of ingredients is a powerful aspect to bath time. For example, rosemary, lavender and orange can help with stress, while epsom salts can help to unwind both muscles and mind. She says:

“Epsom salts and magnesium flakes will not only restore calm and promote rest, but intensify feelings of warmth and comfort, making them perfect for colder days”

British Vogue’s article concluded with its recommendation of Top 10 bath products, including oils, salts and lotions that are available for purchase with prices ranging from £9 for a vegan exfoliating soap bar to £134 for a spiced oil bath.

Read the article in full at https://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/gallery/luxurious-bath-products.

The Bath Project

For more great ideas and individual bath recipes to make at home, Dr Kubicka’s book The Bath Project is an authority on the subject and a comprehensive guide to the art and science of bathing.

To purchase the book – https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/.


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