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red and white logo for netmumsBathing is an essential wellness practice that benefits both the body and mind. It aids in muscle relaxation, improves sleep quality, and helps relieve stress and anxiety.

The warmth of the water combined with certain additives like Epsom salts or essential oils can enhance these effects, promoting physical and mental well-being.

Bathing also supports skin health by opening pores and allowing for the natural detoxification process.

This self-care ritual offers a peaceful retreat, allowing for moments of quiet reflection and relaxation, thereby nurturing emotional health and resilience.

The article on Netmums provides a wide range of unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for women, with options suitable for every budget starting from just £3.50.

It highlights our “Sleep Bath in a Box” as a special and beautifully presented gift designed to promote relaxation, balance the nervous system, and aid in sleep.

The box includes quality ingredients like magnesium flakes, chamomile tea, and an aromatherapy blend aimed at calming the mind and soothing the skin, making it a thoughtful choice for anyone looking to pamper their partner.

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Our SLEEP formulation is designed with a holistic approach, this blend is a harmonious amalgamation of premium ingredients, each playing a pivotal role in ushering you into a realm of restful slumber.

At it’s Core

Our formulation seeks to balance the nervous system, ensuring a state of equilibrium. The potent combination works diligently to relax overworked muscles, melt away tension, and create a serene ambiance for the mind.

Every ingredient is chosen not just for its individual benefits, but for how they synergise to create a comprehensive sleep-enhancing experience.

The Formulation

The formulation’s enchanting purple hue isn’t merely aesthetic. Historically, this shade has been associated with tranquillity and meditation. It’s believed to possess the unique ability to transport the mind to a calm, meditative state, setting the stage for a peaceful night’s rest.

The Benefits

Magnesium flakes, a key component, are renowned for their therapeutic properties. They function to regulate blood pressure and relax muscle contractions, preparing the body for a rejuvenating rest. This is complemented by the soothing embrace of Camomile tea, a time-honoured remedy known for its calming effects.

Further enhancing the experience is an aromatic blend of Melissa and Lavender. This duo is a powerhouse of relaxation, with properties that not only calm the senses but also promote a sense of well-being.

Lastly, the infusion of Apricot oil serves a dual purpose. While its primary role is to hydrate, it also acts as a balm for the skin, alleviating irritations often exacerbated by stress.

The result?

Skin that feels as rested as the mind. In essence, our Sleep formulation isn’t just a product; it’s an experience. A journey that begins with tension and ends with the unparalleled comfort of restful sleep. Embrace the night with the promise of rejuvenation and wake up to a refreshed tomorrow.

Each box contains ingredients enough for 5 baths.


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