The Bath Project - Dr Barbara Kubicka, Founder and Author

Dr Barbara Kubicka

I’m Dr Kubicka aka Dr B, and I am delighted to welcome you to The Bath Project.

My medical qualifications sit side by side with an interest in holistic approaches, and with a passion for creativity and the artistic side of aesthetics. I see my role, not only as a practitioner, but also as an educator, helping others in their journey of self-confidence by establishing habits of self-care.

While the importance of medical practice in promoting well-being cannot be denied, I am also a believer in the benefits – physical, psychological and emotional – of ritual. I am fascinated by our ability to use what we have close at hand; by the active ingredients that natural products contain, and by how our bodies can absorb these through its largest organ, the skin.

My own journey to learning how to self-care has been born of my tendency to race around, taking on multiple challenges. I tend to find it difficult to slow down and have, in the past, been involved in competing in car racing, working at a clinic in Nigeria, writing a book and running half marathons. All to finally devote myself to my biggest passion which is dance I practice and prepare for dance competitions in Latin ballroom most days. You could say that I run on adrenaline! My best friend and business partner Jo is a huge proponent of bathing, and has always told me to just relax and take a bath – a suggestion that I was, once, resistant to, telling her that I simply didn’t have time or find it boring.

Yet herbal and holistic medicine is in my blood – my mother is a botanist and, eventually, I became intrigued by the power of bathing as a ritual, taking courses in aromatherapy and Bach remedies. My creativity was also piqued by the process of taking photos of water, and of the way it changes appearance with different preparations, as well as by my passion for travel and the way that bathing is present in so many diverse cultures: I have experienced onsen in Japan, hammam in Turkey, banya in Russia and hot springs in Hungary and Spain.

My belief in the sensory and healing nature has led to the creation of The Bath Project. I hope that you will find it as beneficial on your journey to wellness as I have.


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