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A sanctuary of tenderness

Welcome to a sanctuary of tenderness with our LITTLE ONE Formulation from The Bath Project, carefully designed to pamper your toddlers delicate skin. This special blend exemplifies our commitment to natural, gentle skincare, integrating superior ingredients to soothe and moisturise tender skin comprehensively.

  • LITTLE ONE Formulation by The Bath Project: A special blend crafted to care for baby’s delicate skin with natural, gentle ingredients.
  • Core Benefits: Moisturises, soothes, and enhances the skin’s natural barrier for soft, calm, and hydrated skin.
  • Colour and Ingredients:
    • Coconut Milk Powder: Provides gentle moisturisation, ideal for sensitive skin.
    • Epsom Salt: Relaxes muscles and soothes minor irritations, perfect for a comforting bath experience.
    • Camomile and Lavender Tea Infusion Bags: Offer a soothing aroma, known for relaxing properties that help prepare baby for sleep.
    • Jojoba Oil: Mimics natural skin oils, providing hydration and protection without clogging pores.
  • Experience: Each box includes enough ingredients for five nurturing baths, transforming bath time into a calming ritual.
  • Overall Impact: Delivers a peaceful, soothing bath experience, ensuring baby’s skin is nourished and bedtime is tranquil.

The heart of our formulation is focused on enriching your little one’s skin health, ensuring it remains soft, calm, and properly hydrated. By blending nurturing botanicals with soothing minerals, this formulation provides deep hydration, alleviates discomfort, and supports the natural barrier of baby’s skin, making it perfect for daily care.

The creamy softness of the blend is provided by coconut milk powder, known for its moisturising properties and gentle touch, ideal for sensitive skin.

Epsom salt, a gentle yet effective component, is incorporated to help relax little muscles and soothe minor irritations, promoting a comforting and calming bath time experience.

The inclusion of camomile and lavender tea infusion bags infuses the bath with a mild, calming aroma, renowned for their soothing properties that aid in relaxing your toddler before bedtime.

Jojoba oil enriches the bath, closely mimicking the natural oils of the skin, providing essential moisture and protection without overwhelming delicate pores.

The LITTLE ONE Formulation by The Bath Project is more than just a product; it’s an essential part of your baby’s bedtime routine, turning each bath into a nurturing, soothing ritual. Each box contains enough ingredients for five gentle baths, inviting you to create moments of peace and comfort that help your little one ease into restful sleep.

Embrace this gentle, soothing journey with your toddler, and watch as their skin becomes as calm and content as their demeanour post-bath.

One box contains ingredients enough for 5 baths.

Key Ingredients:

  • Coconut Milk Powder
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Epsom Salt
  • Camomile and Lavender Tea Infusion Bags

Instructions of use here.

2 reviews for Little One

  1. C Spencer

    I bought this a gift for my sister/nephew. My nephew is 5 years old and suffers with dry skin, he also loves to make things! Not only did he enjoy making his own bathing product I have reports that his bathing experience was wonderfully sting free. Time will tell, but after his first bath with Little One, his mum is very pleased with the outcome. A beautiful and practical wellbeing gift, that looks and smells wonderful.

  2. SO – Virtual PA Services

    OMG my “little one” has just had her second Bath Project, I’ve a feeling this is what bath-time is going to be known as, if she has asked me once she has asked me a thousand times when she can have her next Bath Project!! My husband (very thoughtfully) bought my little one and I a project each (Little One and Sensitive) along with the ritual kit, which is stunning.

    Bath times can be stressful with our little girl sometimes but this has made them a dream – she loves the ritual part and it was so lovely to be involved but allow her to take the lead.

    For me, the ritual really helped me wind-down, ready for a bath. My skin when I got out felt incredible, no stinging, no irritation and the eczema on my hand is/was so moisturised afterwards I am blown away and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to use a bath product. Don’t suppose you can come up with shower products?!! 😉

    I totally forgot take before and afters of my hand as I was too in the zone but I will next time as I think this could really help a lot of people who suffer like I do.

    But I did take some of our little one as it was so cute!

    Two very happy customers and as you can imagine the husband is very pleased with himself!!

    Thank you x

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