The Bath Project Book


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The Bath Project Book

The Art & Science of Bathing

by Dr Barbara Kubicka

  • Introduction
  • History & religion – Culture and rituals of a bath • The bath as a central part of the culture: onsen, Japanese bath • The bath as a healing place: Ancient Greeks • The bath as a philosophy of life: hammam, Middle East, Turkey and Morocco • The medicinal bath: China • The bath as a religious purifying ritual: mikvah • The bath as a ritual use of water: Hinduism • The bath as a way to sweat for physical and spiritual healing
  • Bathology – Skin • Physical benefits of a bath
  • Principles – A brief history of the bathtub • Water
  • Chemistry – Salts • Clays • Oils
  • Biology – Aromatherapy • Bach flower remedies • Herbal medicine • Organic acids
  • Physics – Basics: bath made easy • Colours
  • Geography – Europe • Far East/Asia • North and South America/Canada
  • Recipes – General guidance • Stress, anxiety, restlessness, problems with falling asleep • Menstrual pain • Energising, post menstruation • Skin, acne • Apathia, anaemia • Refreshing • Soothing • Weight loss: improving metabolism, motivation and healthy appetite • Weight loss/
    maintenance • Water retention • Luxurious • Low energy, low mood • Tired body, busy mind: anxiety, stress and fear, waking up during the
    night • Grounding, trust and confidence
  • Bibliography

4 reviews for The Bath Project Book

  1. Stephanie D., Reviewed on Amazon

    Beautiful and Informative Book

    What a beautiful book! All you need to know about bathing, whether for relaxation and wellbeing or for special treatments.
    Just by reading it you are transported in a beautiful and peaceful world. Highly recommended when you want to learn and treat yourself at the same time.

  2. Lindsey, Reviewed on Amazon

    5.0 out of 5 stars The Recipes Are Well Worth A Try
    Gorgeous book – after reading/flicking through you can’t help but want to take a bath/visit a spa. I highly recommend trying out the recipes, they are amazing. The one for low energy was so lovely, very luxurious and I can’t wait to indulge myself and try the others.

    If you or know somebody who loves relaxing in a bath or needs some bath inspiration – this would be a really lovely present.

  3. Riley Marcus, Reviewed via Amazon

    Gorgeous, useful book – a must have for anyone who loves a good bath.
    Brilliant book. I love baths – so this was a no brainer for me. The illustrations are gorgeous and I loved that there was a doctor writing about the health benefits of the different bath potions. It turns a nightly bath into the most beautiful ritual. I tried a couple of them (there are recipes) and they turned out great. Highly recommend!

  4. Galina T., Reviewed on Amazon

    love it!
    book puts together knowledge and pleasure in such an easy, effortless way. I tried the “refreshing” bath and it did work – better than coffee)) love the fabric cover and nice thick pages. a real gem.

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