Hibernation Season

hibernation-seasonAs the clocks have turned back and the nights are drawing in, we are all retreating to our warm homes to relax and unwind.

With the days becoming shorter and the temperature dropping, many struggle with the lack of Vitamin D from natural sunlight and the un-sociable dark evenings with a chill in the air. Although Autumn/Winter can be a preferable season for some, for many, the long periods of darkness can reduce and have a serious effect on an individual’s mood.

Hibernation seems like a great idea, hey? If only! Unfortunately for most, normal work and life responsibilities still have to run as normal throughout the winter months and we cannot hide from it. However, one thing we can do, is look after ourselves.

Looking after your wellbeing during these harsher climates is very important and can make all the difference to your mental and physical health. Whether it is exercising more to induce those positive endorphins or meditation to help you create your mindset, one ritual that has always been popular is bathing. Bathing has always been a long standing traditional act of wellbeing dating back to the 1800’s when attending public baths were a daily ritual for many to relax, unwind and take some time away from the pull of daily life.

Within ‘The Bath Project’, Dr Kubicka shares a series of ‘Bath Remedies’ – carefully designed recipes which can be used for specific purposes. There is advice on how bathing can stimulate the immune system, provide relaxation or soothe skin conditions. Bathing can help with sleep, menopausal hormone levels and even heart health.

Look after yourself this Winter and invest in a book that will not only help you unwind and relax, but can help you with a range of different health issues that you may have.

To purchase the book – https://www.thebathproject.com/product/the-bath-project-book/


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