November marks Men's Health awareness month - image of little men in fitness positions in the shape of a heartMEN’S HEALTH AWARENESS MONTH IS BOTH “MO GROW” AND “GO SLOW

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month – a period dedicated to encouraging conversations about, and understanding of, conditions that solely affect men, such as prostate and testicular cancer, as well as issues that are non-gendered, yet are frequently overlooked in males, such as mental health concerns.

The “mo grow” was established in Australia 20 years ago and, from this, the global movement of Movember has gathered pace, launching officially in the UK in 2007. Yet, as vital as the work of charity fundraisers during this period is, there are also simple and accessible steps that men can take to care for themselves and their internal and external wellbeing.

Bathing is one of these – and rightly so. Although long seen as an act of feminine indulgence, bathing has, in fact, existed across countless cultures and millennia, and was, in Greek and Roman times, a central aspect of masculine life. The baths were where men convened not only to get clean, but also to socialise, unwind, and to discuss politics and business.

Indeed, bathing is, and always been, more than just an exercise in hygiene. The Bath Project, conceived and actualised by Dr Barbara Kubicka and Jo Woolf, recognises its significance as a religious ritual, social outlet and method of relaxation and brings these all together, blending science, creativity, nature, and nurture.

Each formulation in the range has been created using scientific principles and natural, organic ingredients. There is something to suit every man, whether the aim is to achieve more restful sleep; to brighten the complexion; to relax and re-energise the body after sport or to soothe sensitive skin. Ingredients used in some of these include antioxidant-rich Argan Oil, mineral-packed Dead Sea Salts, hydrating Coconut Oil, and a variety of essential oils, such as Rose, Lavender and Peppermint, each known for their mood-enhancing scents and properties.

Additionally, a Ritual Kit, containing sustainably crafted bath accessories, including a whisk, body brush, face cloth and bowl, may be purchased to enhance the bath experience and reinforce its importance as a ritual even further.

In a market awash with bathing preparations, The Bath Project uniquely draws history, culture, ritual, and science together, elevating the act of ‘taking a bath’ to a necessary act of self-care – and why shouldn’t men, and their wellbeing, benefit from that?


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