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YOGA Magazine navigates ‘BATHOLOGY, The Art and Science of Bathing with Dr Barbara Kubicka, the Founder and Creator of ‘The Bath Project’

As an experienced aesthetic medicine physician with many years of dedicated practice, Dr Barbara Kubicka’s journey in the realm of wellness has been nothing short of enlightening. Equally enduring is her profound admiration for the art of bathing, which has gracefully accompanied her for many years.

Dr Barbara announces:

“Today, I stand at the juncture of these passions, brimming with excitement as I introduce an all-natural bathing product to the world, meticulously crafted through the fusion of my medical expertise and genuine fondness for the therapeutic ritual of bathing.”

The Bath Project Values

This endeavour carries a dual significance that resonates deeply with The Bath Project values. Not only does this product promise to enhance the holistic well-being of those who immerse themselves in its soothing embrace, but it also echoes our commitment to environmental stewardship. Fundamentally, our creation embodies the harmonious coexistence of personal care and ecological responsibility.

Dr Barbara goes on to say:

“We’ve painstakingly curated each ingredient, drawing from the bountiful offerings of nature. From the gentle touch of nourishing oils to the vibrant hues extracted from botanical sources like coconut and beetroot, every facet of this product speaks to the seamless interplay of science and nature. This amalgamation of elements transforms a simple bath into a sensory journey, a moment of transcendence where rejuvenation becomes an art form.”


Yet, it’s not solely about personal rejuvenation. The Bath Project mission extends beyond the individual, encompassing the welfare of our planet. The formulation is a testament to unwavering dedication to crafting products that tread lightly on the Earth. Furthermore, it’s a tribute to sustainability, reflecting an unwavering pledge to reduce ecological footprint while nurturing the body.

Join us on this voyage:

“In the vast expanse of the bathing experience, where water and self intertwine, we invite you to join us on this voyage – a voyage that honours the intricate harmony of body, nature, and conscience. With our all-natural creation, we not only seek to invigorate your senses and invigorate your skin, but also to inspire a collective commitment to the well-being of our shared home – the planet we hold dear.”

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